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The Oxford University Light entertainment society's website is now here: OULES .

Just so that me and search engines can find it.

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Save for later

How often are you sure that you have read something on the web but you can't remember where it was. Furl provides a service where you can save pages for later. It keeps a copy of the page on their server, and you can search them.

They also allow you to download your saved pages with XML meta-data so that you can use it for your own ends, or you can back up your saved pages in case they decide to stop allowing you access to your data or start charging for it.

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Some vim tips

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Retro goodness

Time to dig out the old C64 and Vic20. Someone has been scanning old magazines.

Have trip down memory lane

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Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a page that describes and generated the faux-latin text that can be used to pad out designs before you have any actual content.

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Quoting emails

Richard Kettlewell has written a very good summary on how to quote emails/newsgroup posts when replying. It is available here

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Telephone numbers

...they get more confusing all the time. 0870, 0871, what is the difference. UKPhoneInfo is quite handy, used to be hosted at Warwick university.

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Record your actions

Decided that you need to show someone how to do something, and telling them just doesn't work? Well, how about recording it as a flash animation. Record your VNC session as flash. Looks like it could be fun. [ VNC2SWF ]

Or if you only want to be able to play them back, rather than distribute them to other people, then maybe VNCRec is your friend.

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Testing websites

Just running a link checker is not enough to check that your web site works. In a lot of cases it is at least partially autogenerated. It would be nice if there was a way of automating testing this.

Perl: perl is the standard language for this sort of thing, and unsurprisingly there is a perl module that helps you do this. It seems to have a comprehensive plugin structure, and takes parameters for tests from scripting files. [ HTTP::WebTest ]

Java: jWebUnit, an enhancement to HttpUnit. Integrates with junit, and all your other java test cases. [ jWebUnit ]

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Piracy is Progressive Taxation

Tim O'Reilly, publisher of lots of good books, speaks on how content and publishing will change.

http://www.openp2p.com/pub/a/p2p/2002/12/11/piracy.html [ Local Mirror ]

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Far better than freshmeat. No crap, just interesting programs. The fact that it isn't updated as often as freshmeat is probably a telling sign on the barrier to entry.

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Auto-built test cases

This looks like it might be handy if you have gone along and written code that doesn't have test cases. Or if you inherited some code that needs testing. [ UnitTestGen ]

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A different way of inputting text into computers. I am not sure if it was designed for accessability reasons primarily or as a cool toy, but the idea is that you fly through a space of letters to spell out words, and the bigger areas are the more probable letters next.

There are, however, a couple of disadvantages relative to normal typing. Basically it is significantly more cpu intensive, both on the computer and on you. I am not sure that I could think about what I was writing as well as enter it into dasher. Still, it is better than some other means of writing. [ http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher ]

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