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Thursday 19th Aug 1999

Kake asked a procmail question, no satisfactory answer was forthcomming. Kake continued with her help docs, trying them in 256 colour modes. Twofish got into work late, maybe it was that company dinner the night before in Cafe Bohem. Neve also had been out drinking the night before but claimed that she wont get hangovers 'till she becomes 20. JamesS got his results, and wasn't happy as he didn't get into uni. Clearing was suggested, family pressure was discussed. Lunch with wol happened in Friends. There were several grumpys. Hoggy got offered the Mondus job. There was more bloody purity test discussion.

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Wednesday 18th Aug 1999

JamesS started writing his CV and applying for jobs in anticipation of his A-level results on Thursday. Hoggy was interviewed at Mondus before going out for lunch with Neve, and then looking for somewhere in Oxford to live. He was recommended against Runyards as letting agents. Much rain happened, hang on isn't this supposed to be summer?

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Tuesday 17th Aug 1999

Twofish's bike broke on his way to work. Kake spent the day writing HTML help pages for the maths department. Socks went out to a BBQ in Botley in the evening, despite the heavy rain we had earlier in the day. The Internet link to America spent the morning being a bit flaky.

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Monday 16th Aug 1999

Kake went for an interview for a job that didn't exist in Wokingham. Twofish got a payrise, and his stuffed penguin turned up at the office. Compsoc went down, apparently NFS related. There was a long discussion about phone numbers, and skinny dipping followed by the inevitable purity testing. Heffalump ircs from work in America before going to meet twomack.

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