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onak is an OpenPGP keyserver. It's currently at version 0.6.3 and is powering the keyserver running on - point gnupg at that host as a keyserver. Alternatively you can browse it directly starting with

Download onak


onak is an OpenPGP keyserver. When I first started thinking about writing it there was no Free keyserver that could handle multiple subkey bindings. Now there are at least three I believe (CryptNet, onak and SKS). Also I wanted a keyserver that was integrated with my key pathfinder ( onak does both of these. While there are many things it doesn't do at present that are on my todo list development is progressing. The pathfinder component works happily, it's possible to setup bidirectional key syncing with pksd via email and there are a variety of database backends available including plain files, PostgreSQL and Berkeley DB4.

Development work is done in a Git repository, which can be found at git:// (GitWeb browser at;a=summary, GitHub mirror at You can grab this by doing something like:

git clone

Patches or ideas are always welcome; while development has been slow it has not stopped and I periodically find enough time to get some new stuff in and a new release out.


onak is distributed according to the GNU General Public License and was written by Jonathan McDowell.


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