[sisela] modprobe eexpress fails

jgdsr jgdsr jgdsgr at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 10 16:07:10 BST 2005

I am very interested in this distro because the only other one I know of 
that is floppy based and can create an ethernet bridge is freesco (All other 
floppy distros for routers just router between two nics, and this is 
worthless for what I need).  My computers have all ethernet express 8/16 
adapters in them.  Freesco's eexpress module only works for the etherexpress 
16TP (in my experience).  Now to my problem.  Sisela tells me ey can only 
detect one network card.  I have 5 ethernet express 8/16 adapters in the 
computer.  When I try "modprobe eexpress io=0x360 irq=11" I recieve in 
insmod: eexpress.o: no modules by that name found
modprobe : failed to load module eexpress

I look in /lib/modules/2.4.23/ and I see nothing I recognize, expecially not 
modules.  Was this kernel compiled without modules?  How might I be able to 
have sisela detect more than one ethernet express 8/16 adapter?

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