[sisela] ethernet 3com issue

sisela@earth.li sisela@earth.li
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 08:58:04 +0100

At Thursday, 19 August 2004, you wrote:
>i tried booting with PCIFIX and that didnt really do anything, it 
came up
>with an error message.
>will be able to post the error message tomorrow or on the weekend.
>ive also got a xircom PCMCIA card with is 10base2 and 10baseT , 
it defaults
>to 10baseT is there anyway to
>switch it to 10BaseT.
>i tried executing the command ifconfig eth1 mode 10baseT and that 
didnt do
>is there anything else that i can try to get the card in 10baseT 
instead of
>10Base2 ?
>thanks again


ifconfig eth1 media 10baseT


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