[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames Celebration of our arrival at Teddington

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Tue Sep 3 22:46:17 BST 2013

          Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

          Sign up now to secure a place on the party boat!

          Grand finale to mark our arrival at the end of our non-tidal
          Thames journey. We plan to hire a boat to ourselves so we can
          inspect the river from slightly above the water level while
          relaxing with food and drink.

          We have identified a boat that we can embark at Kingston at
          2:00pm for a four hour round trip either downstream, or if the
          tide doesn't allow, upstream. The cost for up to 50 souls is
          £850.00, so we would ideally need 42 and a half people to keep
          the cost to a not too excessive £20 / head. Food is still to
          be decided but we would aim at no more than £25 per head for a
          decent spread. There is a cash bar on board for drinks.
          There are currently 30 people, including partners, signed up
          so we're looking for at least another 13 people.

          I shall be sending out the press gangs to round up any
          stragglers but if any of the signed up people can use your
          influence that would be good.
          We need to book the boat, along with full payment, to secure
          it for our grand day out so speed is of the essence.

          Here's who's booked, so far.

          Ann Chance
          Mike Chance
          Carol Kearney
          Charlotte Reisch
          Hywel John Davies
          Rebecca Davies
          Rhiannon Davies
          Bethan Davies
          Chris Dalton
          Natasha Woolven Macdonald
          Chloe Jeffries
          Rafael Oya
          Neil Richardson
          Claire Tuckett
          Paula Cherriman
          Pamela Jones
          Bob Jones
          Angela Poulter
          Sefran Penrose
          Stanley Ulijaszek
          Pauline Ulijaszek
          Peter Ulijaszek
          Susan Login
          Claire Samwell
          Sharon Curtis
          Charles Bryant
          Jeremy Wellingham
          Karen Wellingham
          Lesley Ferguson
          Jim Garnett

          I'll send you all my bank details, if you could transfer
          £20.00 / head to secure the boat.
          Watch here for further details.

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