[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames #43 - Cock Marsh to Cookham Lock - 11:00am Saturday 16 March 2013

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Sun Mar 10 20:51:52 GMT 2013

Water-babies of the Thames,
                                         Welcome to the last of the 
Thames winter swims which also marks our entry to the Lower Thames.  
This month we have the special appearance of Mrs Jo from the Emerald 
Isle.  Jet Setter that she is, we've changed our swim to Saturday so 
that she can join us.

This month's swim is the last part of Swim 61 from Michael Worthington's 
/I/?/the Thames/and is 1.4km long.//Only another 14 to go to Teddington 
and the end of the non tidal Thames./

We will meet at 11:00am on *SATURDAY* 16th March at the National Trust 
The Pound car park at Cookham (that's its name - parking is free!), here:

http://goo.gl/maps/lO6E0(Green arrow marks the spot)

(Same place as the last swim)

A brisk walk to the edge of the National Trust Cock Marsh (that's its 
name, so I'll use it if want to . . .) and slide in to the river at the 
tree where we exited last time, here or hereabouts:


We will swim down towards Cookham Lock and here's where it gets tricky, 
so listen carefully:
Go under the bridge at Cookham using the 2nd arch from the right. There 
is a choice of three visible channels - take the middle narrow one 
thatleads to the lock. The other two lead to weirs and are not 
recommended. (There is also a fourth channel to the far right butthat 
will not be immediately apparent- you don't want to go down that one 

*I recommend that you check this out for your self before the swim from 
foot path over Cookham bridge on your way to the meeting point.*

Swim down the long lock cut - around 0.6km with out the current assist 
we have become use to over the winter, where we will exit at the lock, here:


Lunch is booked at The Ferry at Cookham bridge for 2pm, where we ate 
last time.  (Hoping the service will be prompterthan last time - but the 
food was good once it arrived.):


Mistress S and Master J of the STT Odyssey


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Outdoor Swimming Society's Swim Responsibility Statement:


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