[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames Schedule for 2013 - UPDATE

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Mon Jul 22 21:58:57 BST 2013

An update to the Swim the Thames schedule:

*Swim #52 changed to Saturday 3rd August 2013* to avoid the Prudential 

and some minor corrections:
Swim #51 end point changed to Chertsey Meads (For those doing a catchup)
Swim #52 start point changed to Chertsey Meads & end point changed to 
Desborough Island (We're going the long way following the original 
Thames route.)
Swim #53 start point changed to Desborough Island
Swim #54 & #55 Molesey spelling correction from the previous somewhat 
fascist version :o)
> Some dates for your diaries for those not on Facebook.
> Here are the proposed dates for Thames swims to take us to the end of 
> the Non Tidal Thames at Teddington:
> (Sat 20Jul) OSS Swim the Thames #50 Runnymede Bell Weir Lock to Penton 
> Hook (Camp @Cormac's) - Done
> (Sun 21Jul) OSS Swim the Thames #51 Penton Hook Lock to Chertsey Meads 
> - Done
> (Sat 03Aug) OSS Swim the Thames #52 Chertsey Meads to Desborough Island
> (Sat 17Aug) OSS Swim theThames #53 Desborough Island to Sunbury Lock 
> (Camp - somewhere?)
> (Sun 18Aug) OSS Swim the Thames #54 Sunbury Lock to Molesey Lock
> (Sun01Sep) OSS Swim the Thames #55 Molesey Lock to Kingston Bridge
> (Sun22Sep) OSS Swim the Thames #56 Kingston Bridge to Teddington 
> Obelisk- The End!
> Full details will be send for each swim soon but if you would like to 
> camp at Runnymede for a weekend of swimming  please let me know.  I'm 
> trying to book the same camp at Runnymede we used last time but there 
> will be a limited number of spaces.
> Jeremy & Sef

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