[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames #42 - Bourne End towards Cookham - 11:00am Sunday 17 February 2013

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Sun Feb 10 21:33:23 GMT 2013

Beavers of the Thames welcome to the depth of winter,

We open the wardrobe door to the land of Narnia and the dive headlong 
into the Great River at the Fords of Beruna in pursuit of Jadis with the 
prize of Cair Paravel at the end of our journey to the Great Eastern 
Ocean.  We will ultimately be rewarded with the end of a hundred years 
of winter but until then Aslan will be our guide but be cautioned about 
offers of Magical Turkish Delight on our journey.

We will meet in the wardrobe, here, at 11:00am:


And emerge into Narnia and walk to The Great River, to inspect our exit 
point here:  (We can recce for additional points on the day.)


We will then walk up to the entry point here (Get in at the Bourne End 
railway bridge, where we got out last time):


And swim a 1k or so the exit we identified on the walkuphere:


It's a short hop, skip and jump to the cars where having donned our 
winter suits we will be transported in sleighs by the white witch tothe 
Ferry Inn at Cookham, here:

www.theferry.co.uk/ <http://www.theferry.co.uk/>

Queen Lucy the Valiant and King Peter the Magnificent of the Fords of 
the Thames


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