[OSS RATS] Good Friday Full Moon Swim / Swim's 18, 19 and 20 Catch Up / Swim 22 Throw Down

Chris Dalton seedy at breakingglass.net
Thu Mar 29 20:55:52 BST 2012

Hi Gang,


Seeing as Good Friday is a Full Moon I thought it would be a grand
opportunity to combine the first Full Moon swim of the year with catch-ups
of the last few swims and a throw down of the next for those who need them.
Followed by a spot of dinner at the pub, possibly!  I expect it would be a
relatively free-form event as different people need to do different swims
but we could all do a splash under the light of the moon before eating.
Moonrise is at 19:21 which is a few minutes before sunset so the timing
should work out nicely. 


Who's up for it?



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