[OSS RATS] Swim 27 Sunday 17th june

Pamela pamjones at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 16 17:40:48 BST 2012

The Swim is on as far as I'm concerned


Several people have been keeping a close eye on the EA website.  Our stretch
of river keeps changing from stream increasing to red to stream decreasing.
I am hoping that the "Stream decreasing" which is the pattern upstream will
have moved down to our stretch by tomorrow morning. Anyway, Chris and a new
swimmer, Jim, have assessed the river near Shillingford Bridge today and
yesterday.  It seems swimmable if you are reasonably strong (aren't we all)
and confident.   There is only the one bridge and no weirs.  We will have to
keep well to the left in order to find our pit stop and our exits and not
overshoot.  Chris estimates a flow rate of 3-4km/h.   Katia swam at Henley
this  morning and estimates the flow there to have been 7 km/h so it seems
to be slowing the further upstream you go.


I will wear fins despite Tracy's comments not for speed but for



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