[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames #41 - Spade Oak to Bourne End - 11:00am Sunday 9 December 2012

Jeremy Wellingham jeremy at wellingham.com
Sun Dec 2 21:54:06 GMT 2012

Notropis rubellus of the Thames,
                                                We are near to mid
winter and we will celebrate with a token 1 km swim towards our target
of the end of the Thames, where ever that may be.

The Thames is in full flood at 144 m^3/s today (Down from 168m^3/slast
weekend) and a toasty 4ºC, according to Maidenhead Rowing Club. And the
red boards are out for the whole length of the Thames!
**We will assess the conditionsat the weekend and may have to postpone
the swim if conditionsarestill toowild.  Keep an eye open for updates
via OSSOxon, OSSRATS and the OSS Thames Facebook page.*
We'll meet at **Bourne End station car park at 11:00am on Sunday 9

This will cost £2 for all day but is as near to our exit point as
possible.  We'll appreciate this when we get out.

To warm up we'll walk down to the river and then along the Thames path
to Spade Oak, where we got out last time.  This will be familiar to
those who have been on the two previous Thamesswims.

We'll jump/ tip toe cautiously in to the riverhere:


and swim about a 1km down to the railway bridge and exit on
theright past therailway bridge  immediately past a gate on the footpath
- don't forget to butterflyunder the bridge! - just here:


Next we'll cross over the river on the railway bridgefootpath and back
to the station car park to get changed.

Ann Chance will kindly be hosting refreshments at her house - directions
handed out on the day.  Big Thanks to Ann.

Jeremy and Sef and the Percina shumardi of the Thames


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