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good for you - who needs 4 ribs, 2 canoes, 2 cameramen & onshore support
team (not to mention posh hotel rooms to comfy up in at the end of each
day)? Much better to have a daughter to nag you on/keep you going!
Would love to join you, but can still only lift one arm, due to
free-fall from horse last week, so would be something of an impediment,
as can only swim round in circles... Just try not to swallow too much of
whatever David has left in his wake (not a pleasant thought) , and make
sure your support team gives you plenty of coke!   Good luck with it,


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To those who know who I am, and to those who don't, I am now back from
cycling to the Pyrenees and have read with despair the excellent
progress being being made by you all, compounded by the fact that you've
swum today and will swim again tomorrow. This will leave me about 25k
behind you all. But I despair not - Walliams is our example! 

I am proposing to catch up in time for swim no 14 on Sep 24th from
Pinkhill Weir/Lock. This is very short notice I know, but if anyone
cares to join me on any of the dates and swims below I'd be delighted
and v grateful:

Monday 12th, Tues 13th and Wed 14th Sep: I propose to try to do swims 8,
9, 10 and 11 over these 3 days (Radcot Lock - Tadpole Bridge - Shifford
Lock - Newbridge - Appleton Weir), probably by carving up the total
distance of about 18.4k into three roughly equal lengths of about 6k or
so each. My daughter has foolishly agreed to accompany me on the towpath
for safety and any help required but with only one car there'll
inevitably be walking to the start or back from the finish etc. Monday
12th will be afternoon, Tues 13th will probably span the lunchtime and
Wed 14th I hope to have wrapped up by lunchtime or early afternoon.

Friday 23rd Sep: Swims 12 and 13, 6.2k, Appleton - Bablock Hythe -
Pinkhill - just in time for swim 14 the following day!

Anyone out there interested and able to escape on weekdays for this? I'd
rather not swim alone but don't want to get left behind! The above is
slightly subject to possible change but I hope not. I fear the weather
on Monday will be rubbish, but too bad!

Peter McMunn
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