[OSS RATS] New Year Awards Ceremony

Jo-Anne Rutterford jorutterford at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 13 18:43:43 GMT 2011

Dear All
Can you please let me have your nominations for the following awards, which will be given out at the New Year's bash  Please ensure all nominations have full explanation, as you will need it to be clear to all folk. 
Voting will open in one week, so get all your nominations to me by Friday!
1. Most memorable moment
2. Most 'interesting' walk!!! (open to interpretation)
3. Landlady/landlord of the year! 
4. Worst (or best) cheat!
5. Best scavenge
6. Casanova award - romance no knows bounds on the river?!
7. Most inappropriate changing moment
8. Best commedy moment
9a. Most improved swimmer
9b. Most backward sliding swimmer!!
10. Best swimming toy/accessory
11. Best recipe
12. Most memorable camping moment
13. Best quote
14. Best nickname
15. Most travelled swimmer
16. Bossy britches
Also, suggestions needed for party games for the New Year Bash!!! Swimming or swimmer related encouraged 

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