[OSS RATS] OSS Swim the Thames - Swim #1 Cricklade Bridge to Water Eaton House - Mon 02 May 10:30 - 15:00

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Hi All,


Top day today, specially for you lucky buggers who could actually swim!  GPS
track is here:


Photos on FB later when I've had a chance to sort through them.




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Swim #1 in OSS Oxon and Reading's Swim the Thames event series.

Cricklade Bridge to Water Eaton House - Mon 02 May 10:30 - 15:00

This is the first "swim" in our attempt to swim the length of the Thames
from the 
source to the sea (well the end of the non-tidal Thames at Teddington at

Following on from the initial walk from the Source to Cricklade on Good
Friday, we 
will paddle, wade and even swim a bit from Cricklade Bridge to Water Eaton

This stretch combines swims 1 & 2 from Michael Worthington's book - 'I Love
Thames' -... and will cover 3km but if the going gets too heavy we will stop
half way 
at Eysey Manor footbridge and re-schedule the remainder for another day.

We will be meeting at 10:30am at the Town Hall car park in Cricklade (marked
by green 
arrow). (Same as the Good Friday Source to Cricklade walk.)


>From here we will shuttle down to the end point at the footbridge near Water
House - parking is limited - and walk back up to Cricklade so we can survey
the river 
for obstacles from the safety of the bank.  (Recommended practice from
Mike's book 
and particularly relevant for these early sections of the river.) To avoid
gymnastics at Cricklade bridge we can jump in the river from the path at the
point it 
diverges from the river just on the boundary of Cricklade and paddle up the
river to 
Cricklade bridge and then turn round and start the paddle proper back down
to Water 
Eaton house. Shuttle back to Cricklade and find a pub for drink / lunch. (Or
bring a 
picnic if the weather is kind . . .)

Having inspected the Thames at Cricklade at the end of our Source to
Cricklade walk 
this is going to require a decent pair of 'feet' - a pair of  surf boots
with thick 
grip soles - but you can get cheap shoes of  the kind that you can buy at
the beach 
for very little and they'll do, either on their own, or with a pair of
wetsuit socks 
which are again quite cheap. (See OSS  Wading Shoes Facebook discussion - 

&v=app_2373072738#!/topic.php?uid=55781602829&topic=17110 )

By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read and

the OSS swim responsibility statement: 

ility> &s=responsibility

All swimmers swim at their own risk.

Jeremy Wellingham And Sefryn Penrose

e-mail: Oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com


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