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Please keep me in the loop as well - about to be marooned diving off the
Isle of Wight until Mon, but might be able to make 15th.  Being a
non-Oxonian, can someone give directions for where you meet at Port


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Keep me in the loop as I might be able to do this. Am trying that week
(next week) to catch up with the Thames Swimmers in time for swim no 6
on Sunday 17th (Jeremy/Sef take note as I may be able to catch you up,
and see you on 17th, it depends but failing that will certainly have
caught up with you for no 7 on July 30th).

SO - Port Meadow on 15th might be possible for me.
Posted from Umbria in a balmy 35 degrees, where swimming is very warm.


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Hi All,


What with all the Swim the Thames-ing that's been going on this year I
feel we have been slacking a bit in the Full Moon department.  Seeing as
I can't make the Swim the Thames next weekend as I'm going to be playing
at being a tri-ath-lete I was wondering if anyone was up for a Full Moon
dip somewhere on Friday 15th?





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