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Hi - I'd be interested in joining some sections, probably once the water has warmed up a bit as I'm a bit of a lightweight! Cheers,  Judy<BR><BR>--- On <B>Mon, 4/4/11, Jeremy Wellingham <I><jeremy at wellingham.com></I></B> wrote:<BR>
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<P><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>A few of us have decided we want to swim the length of the Thames during the course of the next </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>year or three.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>We will be doing this in small sections, in sequence, using Mike Worthington’s book – ‘I Love the Thames’ – as our </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>guide, starting at the Source of the Thames and working our way </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>down to Teddington, a distance of around 150 miles. We expect to swim on a Saturday or </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>Sunday, probably every other week or so. This is <STRONG>not</STRONG> an endurance test but more a way to
 </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>experience the complete Thames and hopefully add to our repertoire of swimming locations that we </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>can come back to in the future. To start with we will be aiming for a swim of a mile or two in the morning or afternoon </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>but as the weather warms up, and we get the measure of our capabilities, we can adjust the </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>distance and maybe do some full days combined with a picnic lunch. Later in the summer, we may program weekend swims, camping overnight, </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>and full moon swims, to make the journey as enjoyable and diverse as possible.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT
 face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>The first section of the Thames is a walk of around 12 miles from The Source near Kemble in </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>Gloucestershire to Cricklade.  We will do this on Easter Friday – 22 April - with a picnic lunch.  The next section we expect to </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>be more of a wade than a swim which we will tackle the following May bank holiday weekend, avoiding the Wedding Friday to cater for Royalists! We will gauge the distance following a recce </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>at the end of our initial walk.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>It may be difficult to make all the swims / walks so you are more than welcome to join us for any </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT
 face=Arial>sections that take your fancy or fit your schedule, and if you want to catch up on sections missing from your collection we </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>hope to record our experiences to provide some hints so you could do them independently. </FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>We will make up the schedule and logistics as we go along and try to set dates a month or two in advance and post them on the OSS sites as per normal swims.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I><BR><BR><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>In order not to overload the e-mail network, we will set up a separate group list for those interested in taking part, or following progress, and also a Facebook group to post stories and pictures on. We will also post swim alerts, as usual, to the OSS Oxon list and to Facebook. </FONT></FONT></FONT></I></P>
<P><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>Let us know if you think you would like to join us  - the more, the merrier - along the beautiful Thames.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I></P>
<P><I><FONT size=-1><FONT face=Arial><FONT face=Arial>Usual OSS terms and conditions apply.</FONT></FONT></FONT></I></P></BLOCKQUOTE></DIV></DIV></DIV><BR>-----Inline Attachment Follows-----<BR><BR>
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