[OSS RATS] Sonning to Shiplake Wed 15th

Helen Roche helen at theskyisblue.net
Mon Sep 13 22:51:28 BST 2010

I think it *is* about 40 mins to the getting out point that I marked  
on the map - is that right, Lindsay? There are also a few options  
before that, though probly weedier and muddier. All of them exit right  
onto the Thames path.
I'll try to be at the French Horn as close to 6.30 as possible.

On 13 Sep 2010, at 20:29, Mark and Victoria wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I agree with Pam about darkness falling - I was quite alarmed  
> tonight to see how dark it was at 7.30.  I don't mean to sound like  
> a scaredy-cat but I don't think I'm ready for swimming in the dark!   
> Is there a stopping place where we could get out after say 45 mins?   
> I may be able to be there a bit earlier, somewhere between 6.30 and  
> 6.45.  If we were in the water at 6.45 we could certainly have 45  
> mins of swimming in the light.  Let me know what you think.  I too  
> will be wearing my wetsuit.
> Victoria
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