[OSS RATS] Mapledurham or Sonning, swim next week

Helen Roche helen at theskyisblue.net
Fri Sep 10 00:09:15 BST 2010

Yes that really was a lovely swim! The sun was out and everything  
looked very peaceful and golden. Thanks both for coming.

Next week, I work till 6pm on Mon/Tues/Weds but am free all afternoon  
on Thursday, so could make an earlier start. Happy to continue from  
Mapledurham Lock, or do Sonning. Obviously Thursday works best for me  
in terms of timing, but maybe the weather forecast will also come into  
it. :)

Who else is in the running?


On 9 Sep 2010, at 23:30, Lindsay Nutbrown wrote:

> What a great swim this evening.
> Helen and Jeremy, thanks both for coming along and Helen for  
> suggesting the date.
> The evening sunlight on the water was beautiful.  Parking at the end  
> of Wintringham Way and changing discretely at the edge of the  
> recreation field worked well.The get out point at one of the ladders  
> before Mapledurham lock was very convenient.
> Can't wait to do our next Thames swim, hopefully next week - we  
> talked about doing Sonning to Shiplake again or doing the next  
> stretch from where we were today, i.e. further along starting from  
> the other side of Mapledurham lock.
> Helen, what days would work for you next week ?  At the moment, the  
> only evening I can't do is Tuesday.
> Best regards
> Lindsay
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Thursday evening

See you both there.

On 9 Sep 2010, at 08:33, Wellingham Jeremy wrote:

> Great – found it on google maps.
> Looking forward to this evening.
> Regards Jeremy
> From: Lindsay Nutbrown [mailto:lindsay at lecnutbrown.plus.com]
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> Thursday evening
> Sounds good to me!
> See you probably somewhere around the junction of Wintringham Way  
> and Colyton Way, or where ever near there that we can find space to  
> park.
> Best regards
> Lindsay
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