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Hi Toby / Helen


Most people use the Facebook Groups to arrange swims now.  There is OSS
Thames https://www.facebook.com/groups/408652865865144/ and OSS Windsor and
Maidenhead https://www.facebook.com/groups/524929157621394/  that mainly
covers the Jubilee. 




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Hi Helen,


I swim in the Thames near Reading.

I have never actually met up with any OSSRATS, but would be really keen to.

It would be fun, I would meet like minded folks and it would be good to
share/hear stories/learn from experiences.

I intend to try out the Tri20 Lake, near Madjeski Stadium this morning.


Yesterday I went for a swim near Tilehurst (around appletree and poplar
islands) and I received a:

Slightly aggressive "Wot you doing!" from someone in a boat.

Received criticism from a swarm of canoists for not having a bouy attached
to me

Then on return my girlfriend tells me someone was saying I shouldn't be
swimming in the Thames: weils disease etc


I will try to have emails from this address forwarded to my other email
account so I can respond more reliably.


Look forward to hearing form you





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Today's Topics:

   1. hi all (Helen Roche)


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I've been out of the loop - is this email group still functioning? 

I'm in Reading and would love to get swimming again. Anything going on?



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