[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #55 Molesey Lock to Kingston Bridge

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*Jeremy  the  VIII*  by  the  grace  of  God  king  of Thaymes, Euenlode,
and Chippy Lydo, defender of the faith, in water of the rivers of England
and also of Nyle supreme head, unto all his faithful and loving subjects,
sendeth greeting.
  *Shorte versyon*
11am Sun01Sep
Roadside parking at Lower Ham Road
Shuffle fewest cars here
Swim 5.7km to exit
Eat lunch at Boater's Inn in same place

*The day was come* (of Sonday September the first) that to the swimminge
was assigned and they redy assembled near hampton Court (some thyng byfore
the hower of ther appoyntment XI of the cloke by the grace of God) at wiche
tyme they did parke of the kynges will at the Lower ham road marked bye the
greyn arrow on the chart that they say is free upon the Lordes day


wherfore the Officers caused them to Faff and to Shuffle all couered with
fynne clothes of Neopryne in fewe cars to Saddlers Inn carparke a place &
parke of the kynges within II or III mylles there


whereupp on at wych tyme they departed to the water and by thir own wyll
and consent did swim for V.VII kylometyres wych had nt yet been inveynted.

Wyth some vaughtyng & leapyng as butterflyies they meryly swam besyde the
kynges grayt palace of hampton Court until the tyme of Supper came on. Than
was the bankettyng at the bank furnysshed for thentertaynment of thes
estrayngers by Charles and Angeyla, noblest persones beyng then in the

They retorned agayn to water And euery of them conveyed to Kingston Bridge
and somme D metrys beyonde vntill ther caym upp on Kingston Boat House
whence they did exeunt and dress in such fynneries as were geve to them by
the kynge fynne lynnen clothes of dammaske worke swetly perfumed and so
replenysshed did they reach the Boater's Inne where there was sett tables
full of gilt plate very somptious & all other thynges necessary for the
furnyture of a noble feast And oon pott at the least with wyne & beare.

Then after somme false Mrs Wellinghams thir dispetche for entertaynment.
Cars weyre fetched and the Swimmers roode forthe on theyre Iourney

I beseche thee joyn yor mery frendes this daye for soun our Iourney be
compleat. Spede well I toke my leayve.

Lady Seffryne And Cardynall ffishe of Hampton Court
our humbleste thankes too Neopryne Ninja and Lord Hywell
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