[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #36 Hambledon Lock to Frogmill Spinney

Chris D seedy at breakingglass.net
Sun Sep 30 19:46:35 BST 2012

Hi All,


Thoroughly enjoyed todays swim despite the rather chilly water!  I shall be
missing the next swim due to being on holiday but I'm told the Med is over
twice the temperature of the Thames so I expect I'll survive.  Details were:


Distance travelled:  4.74 km

Total distance travelled:  179.12 km

Distance travelled since Cricklade:  156.8 km

Distance remaining to Teddington Lock:  66.38 km

Distance remaining to Putney Bridge:  84.48 km

Distance remaining to Sea Reach No1 Buoy:  177.44 km


Distance Driven:  3,542.9 km


Map and track etc on the blog:  http://www.swimthethames.com





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Dear Thamesers,

It can't have escaped anyone's notice that the seasons have changed
dramatically - seemingly there was a summer after all. I kicked a conker on
my way to the station this morning, and the water temperature has dropped a
few degrees. As the nights draw in, we continue our way to merry Maidenhead
for the next seasonal shift. With autumnal hoolies and home counties
woollies we must zip up our parkas and brace ourselves against the gales of
tricky logistics that autumn brings if we are to harvest our riparian


Meet this Sunday 30th at the public carpark in Hurley next to the church at




and change (discreetly). 


We'll shuttle to the Flower Pot Inn at Aston (marked A):




Walk a little way up to the lock, and swim down to Frogmill Spinney and this
beach at Riverside Picnic Grounds in Hurley, a distance of 4.2km. 




And walk back to the carpark to change. Afterwards, we'll shuttle back to
the Flower Pot at Aston for lunch. They don't take bookings but insist that
since the weather's going to be fine we can sit outside. 


However, it might not have escaped your notice that the weather hasn't been
great so tune in on Friday evening for confirmation that we're going ahead.
At present the EA is showing the yellow, caution stream increasing, boards
and should it get up to the red board we'll taking a raincheck. 




Jeremy and Sef and the half-naked hatchetfish of Hurley



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