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Wed Sep 5 08:57:35 BST 2012

Greetings Thameslings,

Our progress along the Thames inexorably continues this week. Through our
persistence and aggressive strokes we will soon have conquered Henley, home
of boatists. On and on we go, devouring the kilometres, sweeping all before
us in our assault on the capital. We will swim on Saturday and Sunday,
remorselessly beating forth. We'll set up our camp overnight at Cookham (to
conduct a recce of our future downstream conquests while we're there).

*Saturday* *8th September*
Meet at Marsh Lock carpark at *2pm* (eat before you come - nothing was ever
won on an empty stomach). We'll shuttle down to Shiplake Lock and walk to
Shiplake College to begin.
Parking at Marsh Lock, Henley:
We'll swim down to Marsh Lock - a distance of approx 5.25km.

*Sunday 9th September
*Meet at Hambledon carpark at *10am* and we'll shuttle to Marsh Lock to
Parking at Hambleden Lock:

This swim is also about 5.25km. Pub lunch after.

We'll be camping at Cookham Lock. If you haven't already, let us know as a
matter of urgency if you intend to camp. There is limited space.

Please watch out for timing alterations for Saturday's start-time - there
are rumours of a regatta that I am trying to pin-down.... If anything it
will be a matter of half an hour rather than a big change.

Jeremy and Sef and the invasive species of the middle Thames.

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