[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #38 - Frogmill (Hurley) to Higginson Park (Marlow) - 10:00am Sunday 14 October 2012

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Sef – I’m not one of the hardy Thames swimmers posse, but I love reading
your mad mailings!


Go well on Sunday everyone




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Oyez! Oyez! News of the long-awaited mid-October swim #38.

Citizens of OSS Thames assemble at the car park (Pound lane / Court Garden)
in Marlow adjacent to Higginson park at 10 of the clock, this sabbath day,
Sunday 14th October, the year of our Lord, 2012, for the annual two and four
fifths of a mile swim (4.6 of your French kilometres). 

Bring three old florins (or new pounds) for those carriages which will be
stabled here (£3.00 for 6 hours):


Citizens of OSS Thames, change into ceremonial garb and be relaid in
selected chariots, to the Free Car Park of Hurley:


Citizens of OSS Thames process in company to yon Frogmill Spinney, and the
fabled beach with the wooden bench, whereat citizens, plunge!


Citizens of OSS Thames swim to Hurley lock, keeping well to the right on the
way past the weir as is the age-old custom. Thence, onwards to Temple Lock
where loving waterside folk will bestow upon ye the sugared delicacies known
as 'elevenses'. 

After Temple Lock, swim to Higginson Park. 

But beware citizens, the October chill. Exeunt promptly at earlier points
should the cold set in; at about half way between Temple Lock and the
Higginson Park exit:

http://goo.gl/maps/IuAQq  on the (left) bank afore Bisham Abbey Sailing and
Navigation School which venerable institution sits upon the opposite bank; 

Or, a short way on:


Hardy citizens, if thou blubber does permit, the exit at Higginson Park be


Scramble out onto the man made quay, assisted by waterside angels and those
known as 'tri-types'.

Citizens, undress from ceremonial garb revealing glowing and healthy flesh
to passers-by. 

Shuttle back to Hurley to retrieve carriages and thence to the Flower Pot,
the traditional October hostelry favoured by popular demand.


Then eat, drink, and be merry and warm again. 

This notice by decree of

Citizens Wellingham and Penrose and the citizen flathead pygmy stargazers of



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