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Dear Swimmers


Here are the details for swim 27 on Sunday 17th.   The information is also
on Facebook and on the OSS website.


Hope to see lots of you there




All right, you ‘orrible lot  
Stand to attention when I’m speaking to you especially the tall one at the

Scary Staff Sergeant Jones here, briefing you on the next yomp down the
Thames on Sunday 17th June 2012.    (Those of you who are actually awake
will notice that this has been changed from Saturday 16th evening).   This
will be about a 3 mile swim (4.8 km in new money).  There will be getting
out places up to 1.5 miles and then at 2.7 miles.

Swim 27 Executive Summary:  

We will meet at 10:15am at the very latest to change, team briefing will be
at 10:35am and we will shuttle at 10:45am to a layby to walk to Days Lock
hoping to be in the water by 11:15am.    There will be a refreshment stop
about half way.  We will have iron rations at the hotel after the swim.
Please let me know by email without fail if you do want lunch.  

Meeting Point 10:15 at the very latest:  Shillingford Bridge Hotel


We can park in the hotel car park, change and organise shuttle
cars/personnel carriers.   Leave all your dry clothes in a vehicle that is
staying at the hotel. If you are late, we will have gone so please meet us
at the layby or walk up stream to meet us.

Team briefing  10:35:

Safety talk and kit inspection by the Sergeant

Shuttle 10:45: to the lay-by on Henley Road, Dorchester


Walk: to Days Lock (a little under 2 km)


Please wear appropriate foot protection for the walk.  If you need these
carried, please wear really light flip flops or some such (Army boots
forbidden).  There will be a couple of bank supporters to carry your (very
light) footwear back.

Days Lock is the main gauging station for measuring the flow of water in
the Thames.  Overlooking the lock is Little Wittenham church.   Twin hills
rise above the church which are known locally as Mother Dunch’s Buttocks
or locally as Berkshire Bubs  (from I Never Knew That About The Thames by
Christopher Winn).

Swim:  Swims 37 and 38 and a little bit of Swim 39 from Michael
I ♥ the Thames 

We will still have to be vigilant. There will be great deal of rain this
week.  The river may be fast-flowing and we will have to be sensible about
safety. Please be prepared to stay in groups.

Possible pit stop and final getting out spot before Shillingford Bridge


Here’s hoping that the NAAFI have baked cakes etc.  Angelina Ballerina
will not be with us as it is her Birthday.   Happy Birthday, Angelina.
However, we can celebrate Neil’s birthday which was earlier this week.

Getting out:  at or after Shillingford Bridge

You can get out immediately after the bridge on the left (if you do you
will be on a charge)


or swim the final 500 metres to the correct finishing spot at


and walk back to the cars for changing and lunch.  Anyone not staying for
lunch should leave their car at the hotel and not be a shuttle driver.    

Email me or facebook message me please

Lunch will be at the Shillingford Bridge Hotel. I have a menu if you would
like me to email it to you.

http://www.shillingfordbridgehotel.com/ 01865 858 567

Shillingford Bridge, built in 1827, is exactly half way between Windsor and
Lechlade and between Reading and Oxford ( from I Never Knew That About The
Thames by Christopher Winn).


After lunch, we will need to get the shuttle car drivers back to the layby.
Marks will be awarded for standard of kit, attitude, fitness, response to
instructions etc.  Remember that the Sergeant is always right.


Pam, Sef & Jeremy and the Armoured Catfish of the Thames and Tarcoles river
of Costa Rica.


OSS swim responsibility statement:

By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read and
accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:


All swimmers swim at their own risk.
OSS Oxon mailing list
OSSOxon at earth.li

Please note that OSS Oxon exists to put swimmers in touch with other
swimmers, not to organise swim events or in any way suggest that outdoor
swimming is a safe activity or that you should go swimming. If you choose
to swim you do so entirely at your own risk and on your own initiative, and
any plans you make are your own responsibility.




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