[OSS Oxon] Fw: Possible catch-up Thames Swim Saturday morning 21 July

NEIL RICHARDSON neilbkrichardson at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 20 22:31:41 BST 2012

As I have had no takers for the catch-up swim suggested below,  I am not going ahead with it tomorrow.  


Neil Richardson

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I am planning to try to do a catch up swim Abingdon Lock to Culham Lock this Saturday morning. Anybody interested in joining me?. Need to get finished early so I intend to leave the car park at Culham Lock  at 0930, walk up to Abingdon Lock, and swim back . If there are 2 or more of us we could possibly shuttle a car to the car park south of the bridge at Abingdon to reduce the distance we have to walk.

Neil Richardson
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