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Very sorry unable to attend as already booked in to do CPD for judging for the local swimming club.  Hopefully will do the next!

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Today's Topics:

  1. OSS Swim the Thames 19 - Donny Bridge to Iffley Lock -
      11:00am Sunday 16th January 2012 (Jeremy Wellingham)


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Subject: [OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames 19 - Donny Bridge to Iffley
    Lock - 11:00am Sunday 16th January 2012
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/Arvicola terrestris/ of the Isis,

It's a New Year and resolutions made, such as swimming every month of
the year outside, are being called in. After an exploratory dip on the
2nd January 2012 we are now ready to continue our quest to the end of
the Thames.  Initial plans suggest we could be at Maidenhead by the end
of 2012, a 100km down stream. "A swim of a 100 klicks begins with a
single stroke." /Lao-tzu//  (604 BC - 531 BC)/.

We will make a easy start to the year with a swim of 0.85km, from
Donnington Bridge to Iffley Lock. Meet at 11.00am, Sunday 15th January
2012, at this car park:


off Meadow Lane, Oxford, second-left after the canoe club. Meadow Lane
is the last right turn off Donnington Bridge Road before the bridge from
the town side, or the first left from the Hinksey side. The car park is
an unkempt wee council number with plenty of bushes for changing in. It
was free in December but bring a couple of squids just in case.

We'll jump in the Thames just next to the car park, swim to Iffley Lock
and, to warm up, walk back to the car park and get changed. 

Afterwards, we propose a  pub lunch at the Isis Farmhouse, just before
Iflley Lock - a must-visit on the pubs of the Thames tour that we are
also engaged in - the same one we visited in December.

If you listen hard enough, the river chatters, "a babbling procession of
the best stories in the world, sent from the heart of the earth to be
told at last to the insatiable sea," as the great Mole once recounted in
the days before he learnt to swim, and twas in these waters that the
Water Rat saved the gaolbird Toad and fell asleep to the Piper at the
Gates of Dawn. Prizes for anyone who can retrieve the picnic basket. 

Outdoor swimmers and romantic heroes, a river (/The/ River) is calling
you for the First 'Swim the Thames' of the year 2012!


Sef & Jeremy and the Wind in the Willows of the Isis

PS. This swim is the third, and final, part of Swim 30 in Michael
Worthington's I ? the Thames.
PPS. Watch out for weasels.

e-mail: Oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com <http://ety.com>

OSS swim responsibility statement:
By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read
and accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:
All swimmers swim at their own risk.

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