[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #34 - TVP to Shiplake College

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Captains Log
Swimdate #34

Reading. The final frontier.

On our three year quest aboard the OSS Thames we boldly go where no
manatees have gone before, the bold crew of the giant swimfleet explores
the excitement of strange new whilrpools, uncharted beach-stops, and exotic

 These are our voyages and adventures:

Meet at *Shiplake church at 10am on Sunday 26th *(there is parking along
the road opposite the church).


We will leave as many moon buggies here as possible here, and a few at
Shiplake College boathouse with our drysuits.

We will shuttle to Thames Valley Park for the start of the swim.

We'll swim down to Sonning Lock (2.4km) and stop for cucumber sandwiches,
then down to the 'Wires' (3.7km) for proper refuelling and stopping for
anyone who wants a shorter stretch.

There is another opportunity for an exit at 5.2km - if you want to do this,
we'll put a car on the right bank so let us know before hand.

Final frontier at Shiplake College, *6km*.

Then, one of our delightful swimfleet crew, Lieutenant Tuckett has offered
barbecue facilities in her quarters on nearby planet Knowl Hill. Bring

Be aware that it is Reading festival and the Kling-ons may be in great
number on the inter-gallactic highways.

Captains J.T. Wellingham and S-F Penquard and the aquanauts of the OSS

With especial assistance from lieutenants 'There be whales here!' Lindsey,
'It's life Charles, but not as we know it' Sharon, 'Ye cannae change the
laws of physics' Charles, and 'Beam me up' Neil.

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