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Sefryn Penrose sefryn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 12:02:40 BST 2012

Thames swimmers and Oxon folk,

I've set up a Facebook group for OSS Swim the Thames. For some time
distributing events through the main OSS page has been inhibited by some
gremlins which mean that not all invitees can contribute and making the
events outside the OSS has meant they are lost in the ether. The group will
mean that all the events will be in the same place and everyone who is a
member of the group will get a notification of the event. If this doesn't
happen, check that you have enabled the 'notifications' button.

I have added 45 members already through my Facebook account. If you aren't
one of these and would like to be (or vv), my apologies, it's not the most
user-friendly system. However, it's an open group so you can add/remove
yourself and add other members:


This is the simplest way to resolve a few Facebook niggling issues and will
mean all the info and events are in one place. Photos can also be uploaded
to the group. Invites will also continue to be sent out through email too.

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