[OSS Oxon] Good Friday Full Moon Swim

Sharon Curtis sacurtis2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 16:56:56 BST 2012

Dear all,

I suggest for the evening swim, we meet at 7.30pm at the car park
near Godstow Lock, at the top end of Wolvercote Meadow.


[Friday 6th April: Sunset: 7:48pm, Moonrise: 7:55pm, Full Moon: 8:19pm]

As for food afterwards, if people prefer a pub meal, the nearby Red Lion
is serving food until 9pm, but the The Trout (even nearer) is serving
until 10.30pm,
but we may need to book a table in advance.


On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 10:28 PM, NEIL RICHARDSON
<neilbkrichardson at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm very happy to go along with Sharon's suggestion of a moonlit swim at
> Port Meadow. In that case where shall we meet exactly and when?
> Neil Richardson
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> Catch Up / Swim 22 Throw Down
> There's a lot of trees and lack of sky views around Iffley/Kennington,
> and I'm not sure how easy it'll be to spot exit points in the dark.
> For the sunset/moonlit swim I second the suggestion of Port Meadow,
> which has low horizons and an excellent view of the sky for the moon
> which will be rising low in the east.  Also, Port Meadow, particularly
> at the section near Godstow, would be easy for getting in/out since the
> river edge is mostly all shallow.
> I'm interested in doing a Donnington - Kennington catch-up earlier in
> the day - if I set off at the same time as those leaving Folly Bridge ,
> then I'll probably arrive at Kennington at the same time, approx :-)
> Sharon
> On 4/1/12, NEIL RICHARDSON <neilbkrichardson at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I am thinking of trying to do one of the swims further upstream that I
>> missed in September last year - possibly Northmoor to Bablock Hythe -
>> during
>> the day on Good Friday, probably during the afternoon.That is  always
>> provided winter hasn't returned in full force and a reasonably long swim
>> is
>> not too much of a test of resistance to cold. Anyone want to join me?
>> I would hope to do a short moonlit swim later although I do not have any
>> of
>> the Oxford sections still to catch up and I intend to do  Sandford to
>> Radley
>> (I assume) with the main group on Easter Monday. )I'd suggest Iffley to
>>  Kennington for a moonlit swim as it's a known quantity (preferable for
>> swimming in the twilight/dark), there are plenty of places to get out, and
>> I
>> know some of the group want to catch up this section.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Neil Richardson
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>> Subject: Re: [OSS Oxon] Good Friday Full Moon Swim / Swim's 18, 19 and 20
>> Catch Up / Swim 22 Throw Down
>> I forgot to add - I'm not sure how busy pubs will be on Good Friday
>> evening (possibly very!) but if you like, after a sunset swim you would be
>> all welcome to come for eating and merriment  at our place, just outside
>> the ringroad of Oxford.
>> Pizza and ice-cream, anyone?
>> As for swims, I am up for a not-too-long one, anywhere between
>> Danger Bridge and Kennington.
>> Sharon
>> On 3/29/12, Chris Dalton <seedy at breakingglass.net> wrote:
>>> Hi Gang,
>>> Seeing as Good Friday is a Full Moon I thought it would be a grand
>>> opportunity to combine the first Full Moon swim of the year with
>>> catch-ups
>>> of the last few swims and a throw down of the next for those who need
>>> them.
>>> Followed by a spot of dinner at the pub, possibly!  I expect it would be
>>> a
>>> relatively free-form event as different people need to do different swims
>>> but we could all do a splash under the light of the moon before eating.
>>> Moonrise is at 19:21 which is a few minutes before sunset so the timing
>>> should work out nicely.
>>> Who's up for it?
>>> CD
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