[OSS Oxon] Love lidos? Hate low-lifes? Saltdean & Bude campaigns

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Hello swimmers,

As it's getting cooler (haha) and we have more time on our hands, and more
money in our pockets (hahaha), here are some suggestions for your newfound
wealth and spare time. Or perhaps you have some expertise you could share
with campaigners, or maybe you just love signing petitions....

The Bude seapool in Cornwall is a lovely pool on the beach at Bude. Recently
the Council who previously administered the pool decided they could no
longer operate it. It is being transferred to a community group. If you
fancy lending them some support, you can join the campaign for 10 quid a
year. They are also looking for fundraisers, people with experience,
committee members etc.


On the gentler south coast, Saltdean Lido is still under threat of
development by a dastardly businessman. You can join that campaign too, but
in the immediate future, can you give a minute to sign a petition on
Brighton & Hove's website.


And if you happen to be free on Wednesday...

"Wednesday 5th October between from 5.10pm - 5.45pm.  This day will be a red
letter day for the Save Saltdean Lido Campaign.  We need your help to show
once again that people care about the future of the lido and its buildings.
Councillors and officials from Brighton & Hove City Council are visiting the
lido to meet with our campaign and various other community groups.  At this
meeting we will be insisting again that the Council start legal proceedings
to get the lease back from Mr Audley, the property speculator lease-holder.

Please come and stand outside the entrance to the community centre (library
entrance) on *Weds Oct 5 from 5.10pm - 5.45pm.*  Feel free to make a
placard  – we will make some – and come ready to shout “People Power.   Get
the lido back”.  Ok so that’s not a very good chant.  All suggestions

The lido campaign website is here:


Apologies for lido news bombardment...
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