[OSS Oxon] FW: OSS Swim the Thames #10 and 11

Chris Dalton seedy at breakingglass.net
Mon Sep 5 22:19:12 BST 2011



Hi Gang,


Another fun but exhausting weekend!  I was asleep on the sofa before I'd
even been home half an hour last night.  As usual thanks to everyone who
made the weekend so good.  It felt specially good to get past our first real
milestone - 50km done!  And it's not long until we pass the 100 miles left
to go until Teddington lock milestone!






Distance travelled today:  4.44 and 3.62km

Total distance travelled:  71.47km

Distance travelled since Cricklade:  51.1 km

Distance remaining to Teddington Lock:  166.9 km

Distance remaining to Sea Reach No1 Buoy:  272.53 km




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