[OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames Catch Ups on #9 and #14

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Hi James
Sunday's swim would probably be a perfect one for you - not too long, and both Adam and I are only moderate ability too (Adam is better moderate than I!). The only drawback is that we normally have ground support when it is the whole group, which means we can stop half way for tea and cake, but as this is just a catch up we won't have that. However, its going to be such a lovely day that am sure just a little break in the sun will be enough!
So, the plan is that we will meet in the little car park just after the Swinford Toll Bridge (5p at the ready!), on the pub side of the river, at 11.00. The car park costs £2.

 We will get changed there, walk up to the start - about a 20 min walk; swim down and then walk back up from the exit point too. Its all on grass paths once we are down by the river, however you might want to bring some shoes that you could leave at Eynsham Lock to walk back across the toll bridge. Adam will have a vacpack thing for his car key, so we will put all keys in his car for safety. Apart from that, don't think there is anything else you need to know. 
For anyone else wanting to come along just for the sheer hell and fun of being in the water on such a lovely day ... see you there too :o)
See you there

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I haven't swum with the Oxford OSS before but would very much like to join you on Sunday morning if this is still on and would be OK.
I should only be a moderate liability (have wetsuit, did the Dart swim last month etc.) but this, excitingly, would be my first swim in the Thames.
Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know if this would be appropriate/acceptable, and, if so, of any rendezvous or logistics details?
Many thanks,
James White

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Hi All
We have two catch ups planned for next weekend for those interested in joining us: 
Swim #9 - Tadpole Bridge to Shifford Lock (a longun - wrap up well!) - Saturday 10.30
Swim #14 - Pinkhill Lock to Cassington Cut (a mediumun!) - Sunday 11.00
Please let me know if you would like to join us so that we can organise venues/cars etc


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