[OSS Oxon] Swim the Thames #3 - BH Monday 30th May

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Hi Gang,


Good swim today.  Can't think of a better way to have spent a rainy bank
holiday Monday!  GPS track is here:




Wearing the GPS under my hat seems to have worked much better.  We actually
seem to be in the river this time!




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This swim is on Spring Bank Holiday Monday 30th May. 


Hello all, 

Here is the updated info for Swim 3 of the OSS Oxon & Reading Swim the
Thames event series.

This is the third swim of the OSS Swim the Thames series. The Thames is deep
enough to swim along longer stretches, or the commando crawl (tm) is always
an option - its originators will be happy to teach you - but there are still
very shallow parts where wading is unavoidable (ajnd enjoyable for those of
us in the Extreme Wading Society). This stretch will combine the end of swim
5, swim 6 and swim 7 from Michael Worthington's book - 'I Love the Thames' -
and will cover a distance of 4.6km. This is longer than previously thought
and equivalent in length to Sunday 14th's #swim 2. There are issues along
this stretch with trespass-free exit points which is why we are going for
the longer swim. The Thames Path now diverts from the river and the bank is
private land. If the going gets too tough, exit points have been identified
and we will have a drink and sugary eat break at approximately 3km for those
who want an energy supplement, where the path meets the river. This and one
other point have been identified for those who would like to get out before
Hannington Bridge and will be indicated as we approach them. 

Because of the length of the swim and the fact that we'll still be
river-walking, wetsuits and rubber feet are essentials. 

Meet at 10.30am at the Red Lion, Castle Eaton. We will return here after the
swim for a pub lunch. Look forward to seeing you there! 


By attending you confirm that you are a member of the OSS and have read and
accepted the OSS swim responsibility statement:
ility> &s=responsibility

Jeremy & Sef
Oxford at outdoorswimmingsociety.com 



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