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April's swim will be back in Oxford on April 17th. A few of us will be
meeting at 11am at the carpark of the Perch in Binsey:


We'll get changed there and walk up to Godstow Lock at the top of Port
Meadow and swim back down to Binsey, or if warm enough (energetic enough)
further down to Fiddler's Island, a distance of 2km (Godstow to the Perch),
or 2.5km to Fiddler's. If both sound too much, there are plenty of beaches
to launch from before Godstow for a shorter swim.

We can then have lunch at the Perch. See you there!

March's Clifton Hampden swim yesterday couldn't have been nicer - so
thankyou Neil for a lovely choice, and hopefully we will have the same
lovely weather for April.

Also - watch this space for news of a plan to swim the Thames - starting
with an Easter walk from the source.


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