[OSS Oxon] Saturday morning, Oxford?

bryn dymott bryn.dymott at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 15 09:21:15 GMT 2011

Spot on Bob.  

Huge thank you to Molly for being custodian of the keys and what a lovely 
stretch of water. Warmer than I had expected / feared with a warm breeze and 
sunshine to match, roll on spring.

Great to read you are going in for the Full Moon too.  As you say Bob the moon 
will rise early and be at its biggest during the sunset period.  Hope it's a 
cloud free evening.

Have lots of fun and thank you for sharing your swim spot.


From: Bob Bradley <swimmer at hardybee.com>
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Lovely swim this morning.  Thanks Bryn for initiating the idea, Louise for 
guidance, Andrew for company and Molly for carrying the keys!

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