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Sounds like Sunday was rough swimming everywhere then! Hope all of the Sharks made it to the tea rooms.

I don't know the answer to #1 because I wimped out of the Sunday swim (was happy to take on the elements; but cricked my back packing my tent up). I think I'll be OK by Saturday, so answer to #3 is a yes probably from me. As I recall from SwimTrek trip that started there, I think you can park near Buscot Lock.

Should we provisionally say 10.30 Sat 18th at Buscot Lock; and decide then whether to walk or shuttle back to the start before the swim.  

Anybody know who else is trying to complete the whole route, but missed out Sunday? Clare? Andrew? Are they on this mailing list?

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  Hi all 

  Looks like a fun evening and swim on Sunday, I pondered my mortality whilst swimming across Malham Tarn, an easy swim according to Daniel Start in Wild Swimming but fairly difficult into the teeth of a gale.  Never has a cup of coffee and tiffin tasted as good as in the Malham Tea Rooms.

  Reason for post is to get info on swim 5.  

  1. Does the Thames Path follow the river  along this stretch?

  2. Is the exit point accesible by car? 

  3. Anyone interested in doing this stretch this Saturday 18th June?



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