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I reckon you were just confused. The Radcot section is one of the clearly eastward more predominantly eastward sections of the Thames. If you swam the same direction along the river as most of us you were certainly eastbound! 
I agree it was another good swim, and for once in good weather for a change.
Neil Richardson
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Hi all  Can anyone explain why I thought I was swimming in the wrong direction throughout the swim yesterday, east to west rather than west to east.    Are there ancient lay lines around Radcot that cause a temporary inversion in the Earth’s Magnetic Field or was I just confused.  Your help will be gratefully accepted.  I am missing swim six  Buscot to Grafton so if anyone is up for a catch please let me know ( I need  a friend to point me in the right direction).  Colin  From: ossoxon-bounces at earth.li [mailto:ossoxon-bounces at earth.li] On Behalf Of Chris Dalton
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Subject: [OSS Oxon] OSS Swim the Thames #7    Hi Gang,  Another great swim today!  I seem to have got a bit burned despite the sunscreen!  GPS track below.  It’s a bit off course to start with – probably because I forgot to turn it on until just before we got in and it didn’t have a good lock.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/102849890  Distance travelled today:  3.60 kmTotal distance travelled:  53.03 kmDistance travelled since Cricklade:  32.66 kmDistance remaining to Teddington Lock:  185.34 kmDistance remaining to Sea Reach No1 Buoy:  290.97 km  CD    No virus found in this message.
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