[OSS Oxon] River Thames Photographic Project

THOMAS SHAW shaw_tom at btopenworld.com
Tue Dec 6 20:18:17 GMT 2011

Hi All
I have been on this mailing list for the swimmers in oxford for some time now but i just wanted to let you know about a photographic project i am working on and wondered if you could help at all.
I am working on a project about the river Thames, and am looking for interesting people and things to photograph. Its taking the form of looking at the river as a metaphor for life, how it starts youthful and green, and grows older and slower and darker as it moves through the landscape, until it finally 'dies' as it reaches the sea beyond Southend. 
You can see some of my work here;
I was wondering if any of you swimmers would mind me taking a portrait of you at any point, or if any of you know of anyone who lives on or by the thames, or indeed any interesting parts of the river that would add to my project that would be great.
Kind regards
Tom Shaw07957829048

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