[OSS Oxon] Catch up for Swim 4 of the Thames

Pam Jones pamjones at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 7 18:06:59 BST 2011

What a heavenly swim with Pauline and Chloe.  It rained a bit; we wore
wetsuits and I felt guilty but, since we were in the water for three and a
half hours, I think that it was sensible.  We stopped at the footbridge for
flapjacks and coffee and then swam on the last half mile to the car park.
Lunch at the Riverside pub just along the river in the blazing sunshine.  


Two major interactions with swans.  Where is Adam when you need him?
Swanning off?  Ducking out?    I got chased by a herd of cows who appeared
Zulu style over the brow of the river bank as I slithered inelegantly back
in.   One house to lust after with a Private sign that just made me get out
to look.


See you all soon




Ps No swans were hurt in the practical research for this article (but i got

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