[OSS Oxon] Evenlode - exploratory swim - Sunday

James james.lowe at datacore.com
Fri Sep 3 12:00:28 BST 2010


Is anyone still up for this, this Sunday?


On 26/08/2010 15:52, Laura wrote:
> Hi All
> We are planning an exploratory swim down the Evenlode this coming Sunday
> (a bit like the one that was done on the Thame last month!).
> This will be a mixture of swimming / walking / scrambling / climbing
> over trees - great fun - but definitely not for first timers and less
> confident people or those wanting to just get their head down and swim.
> Worth having a wetsuit and booties (or shoes that you can wear and swim in)
> We are planning on meeting in Combe about 11ish Sunday morning and doing
> a stretch about 3km. We have yet to check out entrance and exit points
> so this might change slightly - we are going to check it out Saturday.
> There will probably also be some walking to and from these points
> If you are interested in joining us - please can you mail me your mobile
> number so I can text you final details on Saturday (we are away camping
> from tomorrow night so won't be on email).
> Thanks
> Laura (and Mike)

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