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Timothy Samwell timothy.samwell at sky.com
Sun Oct 3 23:09:11 BST 2010

Dear All
Just in case I missed anyone am copying you this email for our Hampshire
group in case any of you interested in being on our list or in this swim.  I
am aware that some of you are in OSS rats so apologies for duplication for
some of you but did not want to miss anyone.  Just let me know if you want
to be added to our group list but if not will  not bother you again!

Dear All
I have devised a group list of Hampshire swimmers for ease of communicating
any swims being organised in the local area. Do let me know if you would
rather not be on this list but thought it might be a good way of letting
each other know of a swim if we are not a regular on Facebook.  We can
always stick it up there as well if we want.

I am thinking of going for a swim in the river Hamble on Sunday 10th October
around 1ish, getting in at a spot I know in Manor Farm Country Park.  The
tide is right on that day at that time, thinking of swimming away from
marina area for a while and then just back to same spot that I got in.  If
anyone fancies joining me that would be great.  We could go for something
hot to eat and drink after at one of the local pubs, maybe the jolly sailor
at Burseldon.

Rebecca - if you are able  to make it, am happy to collect you from ferry
and give lift back.
All the best everyone.
If we just reply all, then everyone knows what is going on.
Claire Samwell
(ps, i know my email address is timothysamwell but just go with that
please!)  I know its a bit sad but easier just to keep this one
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