[OSS Oxon] 16th-17th July: Hydrophilia, Oxford symposium & silent swim.

Tim Bond tim.bond at keble.oxon.org
Thu Jun 24 22:16:22 BST 2010

**** Message passed on on behalf of Kate Rew:

Dear Oxford swimmers


I am part of symposium on the Culture of Rowing & Swimming in Oxford on
Friday 16th July


a. come along!! Looks interesting http://rowingandswimming.eventbrite.com/.
We'll be discussing hydrophilia in all it's forms


b. I'm doing a silent(ish) social(ish) swim on the Saturday morning,
probably Abingdon area (tbc tomorrow). They'll be a little meditation or
something beforehand, and a chance to do a group swim in a very appreciative
way.. probably not so new to those of you who do a lot of swimming, but
quite new to others who might want to join us for a different swim. If
you're coming to the symposium, you might want to come to the swim just as a
swimmer. but I also need OSS volunteers to help me host the event, put on a
bit of breakfast, that kind of thing. It's social in that it's not a paid
for event, but atypical in that it's for people going to the symposium
primarily, and we need to restrict numbers, and should expect more newbies
than normal.


Have a think about whether you'd like to come  along, and I'll be in touch
next week through Tim to find out about volunteers



Many thanks





Kate Rew

07931 546241

Author, journalist and director of Outdoor Swimming Society


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