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Hi Helen, I will try to make it to this as it would be good to finally meet some thames swimmers, but I'm off to turkey early the next day for the hellespont crossing and I may be still packing!. I was in last week with a friend at Shiplake and its definately starting to chill down already in the Thames. Hope to see you on Wed but if not, have a great swim and hope to catch up some other time. Claire. 

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Subject: [OSS Oxon] Sonning Eye swim, Weds 25th

Hi allWe're having a swim from the French Horn at Sonning Eye, this Wednesday, August 25th. Meeting at 6.45pm outside the French Horn pub, swimming towards St Patrick's Stream near Shiplake, which is about a mile; but there are places to get out and walk along the Thames Path if you'd like a shorter swim (like me!).

Here's the French Horn: the blue squiggle shows where there are some free parking spaces, the yellow squiggle shows where we can enter the water. 

		Here's a map of the swim route:
	and here as a satellite view:
We'll be aiming to take a car to the St Patrick's stream exit point before we all start from the French Horn. 
For sat-navs, the postcode of the French Horn is: RG4 6TN
So far we have 4 people, hope some more can make it!
Helenps - weather forecast is currently good for Wednesday. :)
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