[OSS Oxon] August full moon swim

James Lowe james.lowe at datacore.com
Wed Aug 18 23:26:25 BST 2010


Went for a swim along this stretch this evening. It was a lovely 

While nothing is ever set in stone, it will be quite dark by the time we 
get to the water on Tuesday, so I am suggesting that we meet in the 
place suggested below for around 19:45 (for 20:00), then head over in to 
the field and instead of what we normally do - which is to head up 
stream and swim down, we head straight to the normal end point (which is 
a shallow beach area about 15 foot wide) and set up there.

I don't expect many other people on this stretch of the Thames Path, so 
for convenience it may even be better to get changed and into the water 
here by the river than scrabble about in the layby (it's of course up to 
you) but the point being that people can come along just for a 'splash' 
in the river rather than explicitly swimming a 'stretch', those that 
want to do so can simply head up stream and swim back down - the current 
is very, very weak at the moment.

Then those that just want to soak and wallow can also do that, but as a 
group than individuals.

It also means that you can get in without a suit because you can get out 
when you like if you get cold rather than be dictated to by the topology 
of the bank and wear the suit 'just in case'.

Oh...bring a torch and if anyone has a 'lamp' that we can plonk on the 
grass that would be useful.

Also, if the weather turns, some of us may still turn up.


PS. Some of us may go to the Pub afterwards in Dorchester and if anyone 
wants a pick up from Didcot, let me know but not before 19:30 for me 
(Claire I'm still on for Reading at 6:00 so don't worry).

On 04/08/2010 16:33, Sefryn Penrose wrote:
> Hello all,
> The August full moon is on Tuesday 24th. And I'm sure there is nowhere
> you'd rather be than in the Thames at Dorchester. Sunset is 19:40
> moonrise is 20:05.
> Let's meet here
> http://www.multimap.com/s/MavVkCew
> at 7.45 to be in as the moon rises. We'll then swim towards the moon
> which will get fuller as we go. By the time we get out, it should be
> pretty high and full. The swim will either be around a mile, or two
> thirds of a mile - tbc. If you just want a little splash - there is a
> beach where you can do that. There should be time for a lunar pint
> afterwards....
> Please be aware that the moon's visibility is dependent on the weather
> so it may well be pretty dark. If that doesn't sound appealing, the
> splash might work for you, or it may be best to stay dry! The site has a
> remote feel and is quite sheltered....
> Usual terms and conditions apply!
> (Before signing up to join this swim please read the OSS Swim
> Responsibility Statement. By signing up to join the swim and/or
> participating in the swim, you confirm that you have read and understand
> the OSS Swim Responsibility Statement.)
> Yours,
> Sef
> (thanks to James)
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