[OSS Oxon] August full moon swim

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Wed Aug 11 00:10:20 BST 2010

Oops!! Accidentally sent this direct to Sefryn instead of to the list
:-(   Here is my message resent.


On Wed, 4 Aug 2010 16:33:18 +0100, Sefryn Penrose wrote:

>Hello all,
>The August full moon is on Tuesday 24th. And I'm sure there is nowhere you'd
>rather be than in the Thames at Dorchester. Sunset is 19:40 moonrise is
>Let's meet here
>at 7.45 to be in as the moon rises. We'll then swim towards the moon which
>will get fuller as we go. By the time we get out, it should be pretty high
>and full. The swim will either be around a mile, or two thirds of a mile -
>tbc. If you just want a little splash - there is a beach where you can do
>that. There should be time for a lunar pint afterwards....

Hi Sefryn,

I will be at Beale Park that week helping with part of the set up for
the National Waterways Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
I may be able to escape long enough for a swim with you on the Tuesday
evening - expect me if you see me :-)

Keith Midgley

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