[OSS Oxon] Weekend early morning Thames swim - Clifton Hampden, 21 August

NEIL RICHARDSON neilbkrichardson at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 10 20:25:29 BST 2010

I and a few others are planning to swim at Clifton Hampden on the morning of Saturday 21st August. Meet in the car park opposite the Barley Mow pub (south of the bridge on the road towards Long Wittenham) between 0800 and 0815 hrs. See map:
 We can decide on the exact plan on the day. We could swim up towards Clifton Lock and back, or (pleasanter) down-river as far as people want and either swim or walk back, depending on time, current, weather and
 energy. There is a good range of potential getting-out points downstream. Unless someone wants to swim down river to Days Lock at Little Wittenham (I don't think I will, it's over 2.5 miles I think!),  it isn't possible to leave cars at both ends.
Non-swimming partners and friends who fancy a morning stroll along the river bank watching us swim will be more than welcome, especially if they are willing to carry a few items of kit to swimmers' getting-out points. 
Usual terms and conditions apply. As always, you swim on your own responsibility
Look forward to seeing you there.
Neil Richardson
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