[OSS Oxon] August full moon swim

Sefryn Penrose sefryn at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 4 16:33:18 BST 2010

Hello all,

The August full moon is on Tuesday 24th. And I'm sure there is nowhere you'd
rather be than in the Thames at Dorchester. Sunset is 19:40 moonrise is

Let's meet here


at 7.45 to be in as the moon rises. We'll then swim towards the moon which
will get fuller as we go. By the time we get out, it should be pretty high
and full. The swim will either be around a mile, or two thirds of a mile -
tbc. If you just want a little splash - there is a beach where you can do
that. There should be time for a lunar pint afterwards....

Please be aware that the moon's visibility is dependent on the weather so it
may well be pretty dark. If that doesn't sound appealing, the splash might
work for you, or it may be best to stay dry! The site has a remote feel and
is quite sheltered....

Usual terms and conditions apply!

(Before signing up to join this swim please read the OSS Swim Responsibility
Statement. By signing up to join the swim and/or participating in the swim,
you confirm that you have read and understand the OSS Swim Responsibility


(thanks to James)
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