[OSS Oxon] Swim at Dorchester and/or Little Stoke this eve and/or tomorrow eve (Mon 1st / Tues 2nd)

James james.lowe at datacore.com
Mon Aug 2 13:34:53 BST 2010


If anyone wants to join me either doing a pottering gentle breast stroke 
or head-down crawl then I can be at either of these two spots between 
19:30 to 19:45 start - the swim would be no longer than about an hour.

Temps are nice at the moment and so you can either suit-up or not.

I don't have any preference which spot I go to as they are both great , 
both straight, deep and wide and both suit all levels of swimming.

They are easy to get to, to park at and to change at as well.

Dorchester on Thames

This is marked where the lay-by is.

Little Stoke

This is where we would park - there is a track down to the 'Old Dairy' 
which is a 2 minute walk to the river, it's very secluded and peaceful here.

If anyone wants to join me on either day let me know which you prefer, 
else you'll have to take pot-luck and look for my Green Polo if you turn 
up on the day.

Either way I'll be there between those times.

Only reply if you intend coming.



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