XMPP-Registration fails with 403

Maciej Schuttkowski Metty at dcdo.de
Fri Dec 13 09:40:53 GMT 2013

Hey J.,

many many "Thank you"'s from Germany <3
You might want to add that link on the webpage @ jabber.earth.li,
since it is the first place, where people go,
to see what's wrong if Registration fails :)

Thanks again, I love the domain-name :D

Greetings, Metty

On 13.12.2013 00:14, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 01:25:31PM -0800, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
>> I disabled registration on jabber.earth.li a while back because it was
>> being seriously abused by what looked to be spammers (thousands of
>> accounts created with random IDs). I'd love to open it up again to
>> public registration but I haven't managed to find an easy way to do so.
>> There are some projects to tie in a capatcha on a web interface with the
>> registration process which I guess might work, but I haven't found the
>> time yet to fully investigate.
> It seems ejabber has gained some limited built in support for this since
> I first looked, so I've enabled:
> https://jabber.earth.li:5281/register/
> J.

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